Why Is Composite Decking Board Better Than Wood?

Composite Decking Board

Why is composite decking board better than wood is based on a comparison of 7 factors: maintenance, installation, durability, weather resistance, color variety, recyclability, and speed of technological innovation. Unifloor has been a composite decking manufacturer and supplier for more than 10 years.

When we select materials for the decoration of outdoor spaces, we need to consider more factors than interior decoration, including the durability of the material. Wood-plastic composite decking board and wood, two of the most popular outdoor decorative materials, differ in many ways. Composite decking board is superior to wood in terms of maintenance difficulty, durability, weather resistance, color variety, recyclability, speed of technological innovation, etc.

Maintenance of composite decking board and wood

Wood decking needs regular maintenance, and after a long period of sunlight, wood will face serious problems of fading, so it needs regular painting, while decking boards composite is dyed during the production and processing process, and have a good color fixation. Therefore, even with the passage of time, it does not need to be re-dyed, which can save a lot of time.

Wooden decks also need to be oiled regularly to maintain their luster, and care should be taken to choose dry weather when repairing wooden floors. Also, make sure that the ventilation condition is good. In order to keep the wood plastic board in good condition for a long time, you need to sweep the surface of the fallen leaves, debris, and dust in time to avoid composite decking boards becoming slippery due to mold accumulation, increasing the risk of falling and affecting the deck.


Unlike wood decking, composite decking board is equipped with a unique hidden fastener system. This makes the installation procedures more convenient to operate.


WPC decking has a long warranty, up to 20 years. And the average service life is at least 25-30 years, or even longer. It can extend the cycle of exchanging outdoor decorations and save you time.


Weather changes and temperature fluctuations can affect outdoor decking. In particular, temperature changes can expand and compress due to its wood decking, and it tends to warp. Composite decks are less affected by temperature fluctuations and can effectively prevent fading, scratching, staining, mildew or warping. They are safe and comfortable.

Color variety

WPC decking is available in a wider variety of colors than the color options available in the wood itself. You can choose by consulting the manufacturer’s product color card and matching the color of your house and the hues of your surroundings. Most manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors, Unifloor offers 8 standard colors, if these do not meet your needs well, we also offer a custom color service to provide you with the best effect products.


Wooden flooring cannot be recycled after the end of its useful life. Whereas WPC panels are composed of recyclable wood fibers and plastic, so they are recyclable and more eco-friendly and have a wooden appearance while not impacting the environment by cutting down trees. It also means that at the end of its long-term life, WPC flooring can still be effectively recycled.

Technological innovation

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, composite decking board is still being innovated in terms of production technology. On the basis of traditional WPC panels, deep-embossing or co-extruded technology, or both, is integrated to continuously improve the durability of the decking. Deep-embossed flooring has a more detailed and realistic wood grain, with the best visual effect. Co-extruded flooring achieves better results in water resistance, mildew resistance, and scratch release performance.

From a comprehensive comparison of the above 7 perspectives, composite decking board is a better choice than wood. If wood plastic flooring is just right for your needs, then you need to choose a quality manufacturer. Unifloor is looking forward to your consultation and collaboration.

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