Everything You Should Know About WPC Fences

WPC Fence

WPC fences are ideal options to completely upgrade your gardens into a private and secure space. With the help of WPC fences, you can enjoy your leisure time without worrying about the peeking eyes of neighbors. Composite fences are favorable in the world due to their superior durability, longevity, and minimum maintenance.

In this article, we explore the definition of WPC fences, the benefits of the fences, their popular applications, and where you can buy cost-effective WPC fences. The article would help you to know more about WPC fences and choose the most suitable products for your home projects.

Wpc Fence
WPC Fences

What are WPC Fences?

WPC fences are manufactured from recyclable plastics like mineral water bottles and milk cartons combined with sawdust and wood pulp. WPC fences are equipped with both the elegance and beauty of natural timber and the durability and weather resistance of vinyl. Composite fences are eco-friendly, sustainable, and 100% recyclable which is good for both the environment and human health. Thanks to its waterproof and weather-resistant features, Unifloor WPC fences are frequently utilized as fences, doors, and gates for gardens, yards, patios, cottages, etc.

Vertical Composite Fencing For Gardens
Vertical WPC Fences

Applications of WPC Fences

  • Suitable for residential and commercial surroundings
  • Widely used for villas, cottages, patios, gardens, yards, etc
  • Widely used as fences, doors, gates, etc
Composite Fence
WPC Fencing
WPC Fence
Composite Fence

Benefits of WPC Fences

  • Longevity. WPC fences are extremely durable and long-lasting, they have a long lifespan of 15-20 years.
  • Weather Resistance. These fences are resistant to various weather conditions and toxic chemical elements.
  • Minimum Maintenance. Composite fences are simple to clean and maintain, they don’t require extra treatments like staining or sanding.
  • Easy Installation. WPC fences are simple to install by yourself, allowing you to build DIY projects.
  • Numerous Styles. Unifloor composite fences come in various styles of fences, ranging from contemporary and modern styles, or rustic and classic styles. You are the master to create your own outdoor space.
Vertical Composite Fencing For Garden
WPC Fences For Garden

Where can you buy WPC Fences?

Unifloor is a professional  WPC fence manufacturer & supplier with 12+ years of experience. Our WPC fence panels have been sold to 120 countries, such as the UK, America, Canada, Australia, etc. Our factories offer a variety of WPC fences that come in different colors, patterns, and lengths. If you are looking for high-quality composite fences, feel free to contact us for more specific information and quotation lists.

Unifloor WPC Fences

Light Grey Fence Panel 768x543
LightGrey WPC Fence Panel
Anthracite Composite Fencing Panels1 768x614
Anthracite WPC Fence Panel
Teak Composite Fence Panels
Teak WPC Fence Panel
Oak Composite Fence panels
Oak WPC Fence Panel

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