8 Great Alternatives To Decking

Alternatives To Decking

8 great alternatives to decking are introduced here. Like traditional wood decking, these alternative materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’ve already used wood decking and are tired of its tedious maintenance requirements, or want a new style for your patio decor, consider these deck alternatives. Here are some great deck replacement ideas.

Composite decking - one of the best alternatives to decking

Composite Decking

Unifloor wood-plastic composite decking is a great decorative alternative to wood. This is due to its high-quality raw materials, wood fibers, and recycled plastic. There are many differences between wood-plastic composite decking and traditional wood decking.

It has better weather resistance and is less affected by environmental factors. It can effectively resist corrosion and insects. Secondly, it is lighter in weight, making handling and installation easier. In addition, it has very low maintenance requirements, which can save a lot of money and time costs in post maintenance.

Natural stone

Natural Stone 1536x1021

Natural stone has the most spectacular visual effect and durability of any decorative material. It is also the most expensive decorative solution. However, because the stone is difficult to handle and cut, the laying process is difficult and requires strong bodies, experience, and more cost.

Poured concrete

Poured Concrete

The two main advantages of poured concrete are the extremely low cost and the option to lay in the shape and size that you decide. It is a cheaper option than decking. One problem with poured concrete laying is the proportioning of the concrete, if the proportioning is not correct you will face problems of cracking which will affect the long-term use.

Bamboo decking

Bamboo Decking

Bamboo is another common deck alternative. It is lightweight, durable, strong, and resilient. Many people choose bamboo because of its beautiful appearance. However, bamboo decking is plagued by mold and mildew, so it is not recommended for use in areas with excessive rainfall. And it requires regular maintenance to avoid deterioration like other wood materials.

PVC decking

Pvc Decking

Unlike cork decking, PVC decking is tough and hard-wearing, and scratch-resistant, thus reducing maintenance and repair time. In addition, Pvc decking is cheap and easy to install, just choose the right color and style and you are ready to enjoy your leisure time on the deck. However, in terms of durability and recyclability, it is not as good as wood-plastic composite decking.

Aluminum decking

Aluminum Decking 1

Aluminum decking offers unmatched durability and strength with an elegant finish. Aluminum decking is extremely lightweight, installed with hidden clips, very easy to handle, and maintains a beautiful finish. The material is an ideal alternative to traditional wood in most commercial environments. However, aluminum decking is available in a limited number of colors and can be very loud in rainy weather.

Vinyl decking

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl decking is very tough and suitable for all types of weather. It does not require as much long-term maintenance as wood decking and is reasonably priced. One thing, however, is that vinyl decking is not an environmentally friendly product and cannot be recycled.

Rubber paver tiles

Rubber Paver Tiles

Rubber paver tiles are made of high-density rubber and are very durable. Compared with other materials, it is more suitable for barefoot. This material can effectively prevent slippage and is suitable for use near the pool. And easy to install, you can design your own style of assembling.


For many years, traditional wood paneling was the material most homes would choose for their patio decor. Now, there are more types of materials to choose from. There are also more types of patio decorating styles available. It is recommended that you choose the material and style you like within your budget while considering the time and money cost of maintaining the material later, to add a more enjoyable space for outdoor living.

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