Deck tiles on grass

Deck Tiles On Grass1

Deck tiles on grass

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Can you put deck tiles on grass?

When you’re feeling pressure to clean a cluttered garden, you may be thinking about options that can easily and economically cover large areas of grass. At this time, we highly recommend our WPC decking tiles. This is the most economical, convenient and complete change idea for your garden project.

Deck Tiles On Grass

Maybe you will ask if WPC decking tiles can be laid directly on the grass? The answer is yes. Because the composite raw material of WPC is a mixture of wood powder and plastic, which greatly enhances the damage resistance of the decking, whether it is the damage of natural factors such as rain or mold or ultraviolet rays, or man-made frictions. Under harsh natural conditions, WPC decking tiles can maintain a lifespan of nearly 20 years, and it is easy to clean and maintenance-free.
In garden projects, laying WPC decking tiles has become an increasingly popular solution.

Deck Tiles On Grass1

The advantages of WPC decking tiles which can lay down on the grass

Deck Tiles On Grass2

Deck tiles are easy to install.

Compared with concrete, ceramic tiles, and wood timber planks,WPC deck tiles are quick and easy to install.  Once put together, the interlocking system holds them securely in place. There is no need for adhesives, glues, or grout to hold them together. Suitable for DIYers.


WPC Deck tiles can be installed directly on the existing surfaces.

Another benefit of outdoor WPC decking tiles is they can be used to give your outdoor areas a quick facelift and new appearance. Balconies, patios, decks, terraces, and even compacted gravel and concrete walkways can be upgraded and given a new look with outdoor deck tiles.


WPC decking tiles can create attractive designs and patterns.

Deck Tiles On Grass

You can mix and match deck tiles to create unique designs and patterns. It is also possible to create different surface areas for aesthetic and functional appeal. Instead of messy soil and grass, create a neat and beautiful ground environment.


WPC decking tiles are easy to change

If you are tired of the current design of outdoor deck tiles, you can change and relocate at will as the decking is laid with an interlocking system.

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The maintenance cost of WPC decking tiles is low.
WPC decking tiles can be maintained by rinsing with clean water at almost no extra cost.

WPC decking tiles can be used without damaging rental properties.
Since no glue, nails or adhesives are required to lay WPC decking tiles, there is no damage to the existing surface. Can be replaced and removed at will.

All in all, WPC decking tiles can be lay down on the grass tiles directly, but there still some factors need to pay attention which can make the decking tiles life longer.
Moisture can cause decking tiles to expand, contract and warp. It can also deteriorate the quality of the wood over time. Although the properties of plastic make WPC composite decking very resistant to humidity, in order to prolong the life of decking tiles, it is necessary to ensure that the garden is well drained, especially in areas with typical heavy rainfall and snowfall.
Maintain a stable ground environment. If the ground is always moving due to soft and loose soil, the WPC decking tiles may move periodically as the ground moves. Over time, this movement can damage your decking tiles. Therefore, it is best to evaluate the soil and ground conditions before laying the tiles. In a soft soil environment, laying a layer of gravel can stabilize and prolong the life of the decking.

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