Great Decking Steps Ideas

Decking Steps Ideas

Some recommended outdoor decking steps ideas for your yard.

The necessity of composite deck stairs

Deck Stairs are often a necessity for outdoor composite deck decoration, not only can they provide you with a unique look, but they can also create a functional space. If you are designing an outdoor deck and steps project, Unifloor will provide you with some excellent design types, for example, the best bullnose composite decking for steps establishment as a reference and hopefully will help you.

Flexibility of step designs

The construction of composite decking stairs has a lot of space for independent play, and its shape, size, and style can be chosen from a wide range.

Several recommended decking steps ideas

The traditional classic freestanding steps

Decking With Stairs 11

Traditional freestanding steps need to be used with balusters for added support and safety. Stairs and their balusters must meet safety codes and remain secure for use. Proper installation is necessary and important in order to use the stairs safely. Please refer to the article for specific installation recommendations on how to build composite stairs.

Low level irregular graphics designs

Curved Step Idea A

Except for the round and square step edges, irregular graphic edges are also available and popular. It can add a touch of flow and playful style to your garden scene.

Box stairs designs

Box Stairs

Box stairs are popular for very low deck construction projects. Many homeowners choose to build such a wide set of stairs at the front or side of the deck. Box stairs are simpler to build than the traditional classic freestanding steps. There is no need to cut and build stair spindles.

In fact, the essence of this stairway is to stack a number of wooden boxes on top of each other to form a small staircase. For step types of three steps or less, this stairway is easier to build and more stable. For stair types with more than three steps, for security cases, it is recommended to install the stairs by constructing the necessary stringers and railings.

Unifloor's accessories for decoration

Unifloor produces a wide range of wood-plastic composite decking trims, as well as wood-plastic composite panels for step construction, decorative panels, and corner trims. Together with the wood plastic composite decking, we can provide you with a complete and neat deck finish. The WPC decking accessories you need include the following varieties.

Composite decking boards for the tread or rise

Unifloor offers many types of wood plastic composite panels, which can be used not only for decking but also for step building. You can use them for tread and rise decking, they can provide you with a uniform style, solid structure, and a solid step surface to step on.

Unifloor composite skirt edging trims

Skirt edging trims can be used for low steps or curved step edges to complement a nice deck look. There are two kinds of skirt edging trims in Unifloor, one is the basic side decking fascia board, and the other is the type with deep embossed wood grains. You can select the right type based on the following display pictures.

They are also made of wood plastic composite material which is durable enough. You can use them for the rise of the step. It’s the perfect way to complete the decoration of your step and keep the edge a nice look all the time.

Unifloor composite L-angle corner trims

Unifloor L-angle corner trims are designed to fit the corner of the deck. It is a clever design, easy to apply, both for decorative and protective use. It is the perfect accessory for your step decoration.


There are multiple great decking stairs ideas. Unifloor is the leading composite decking manufacturer and supplier in China, Unifloor always supplies durable decking and beautiful designs too. If you have any needs, we are glad to offer advice.

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