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An outdoor bench is a kind of outdoor furniture with a long seat for several people at the same time. Before the appearance of composite deck benches, there were many other materials to choose from, including wood, metal, stone, concrete, etc. The color, design, and style of the benches are also diverse.

The composite outdoor bench can be used in commercial parks or outdoor living. It functions well from three aspects. It can create a comfortable space for you. With it, you can enjoy peace and quiet during contact with nature. It can also enhance your outdoor activity space, like a party with friends or families. The third function is a facilitator of intimacy. The scene of two people sitting on a bench is traditional, but the emotional need for a close intimacy relationship is external. An outdoor bench can realize your poetic life. Different from other materials, the composite bench offers comfort as well as convenience.

Two main shortcomings of softwood are high maintenance requirements and weak weather resistance. Softwood usually requires annual maintenance and the application of a water sealer. Materials such as pressure-treated pine and cedar have an open and somewhat porous granular structure, which cannot resist water or moisture. If it lacks regular maintenance, it will fade or leave stains. No one wants to sit on a bench that has lost its neatness and beauty. In severe weather conditions, external influences will directly affect the bench. Besides, it can hardly avoid termite problems.

The composite bench is a wooden bench with plastic composite. It is made of recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic. Thanks to its components, it has more competitive advantages compared with other materials, especially traditional wooden benches. It avoids these worries perfectly.

When choosing an outdoor bench, everyone has his own considerations, but durability should be the first. Combined with approval, suggestion, and requirements from our customers, Unifloor has been trying to improve in every aspect to provide high-quality products and more satisfying choices.

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Why choose our composite bench boards?

Our outdoor benches are attractive as well as competitive. They can meet your practical, aesthetic, and emotional needs. There are more benefits of Unifloor composite deck bench in detail.


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Yes, Unifloor produced a DIY composite bench. The composite bench has better performance than wood. It is easier to install, maintain, and longer to sustain. Its service lifetime can last 25-30 years under ideal situations.

Materials of metal park benches can be multiple, including cast iron, steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. The steel bench is stylish and wear-resistant. Stainless steel is usually used in high-salt environments. Aluminum benches can range from light silver in the stands to more textured or painted designs.

A bench on deck should be approximately 18 inches above the deck and 15-30 inches deep. For continuous seats, cut enough supports to install one every 4-5 feet.

The price of a park bench varies with length, materials, and whether they are customized. It is recommended to determine the length, material, and other requirements first, and then choose more cost-effective products.

Bench height refers to the distance from the seat to the ground. 14-18 inches deep for a park bench is about right for most people. 18-20 inches is the standard height to fit the dining room table.

42-52 inches is long enough for 3 children or 2 adults. 53-83 inches is suitable for 3 adults. A child needs about 14-17 inches, and an adult needs about 17-27 inches long. You can calculate the suitable length for your family.

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